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More Than Health Care: Nonprofits and Health Care Working Together

Mar 29, 2020

Be inspired by what can happen when you embed a mental health team inside the school. Hear Marisa Perez-Martin’s 18 year journey uncovering authentic partnerships and building a school-based model that is demonstrating outcomes for students.

Mar 15, 2020

Be inspired to reframe what a senior center can look like. Hear how Jane Bavineau, vice president of health and wellness at BakerRipley, is listening to ‘modern elders’ and their caregivers in Hoursont to reimagine senior centers, including their own version of NPR Story Corps and a community garden.

Mar 1, 2020

Be inspired by the opportunities all around you. Hear Terri Howard, director of business development at FEI Behavioral Health, talk about what the FBI is doing to encourage both physically and mentally healthy employees.